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As part of the tradition of a family-owned business, CAP GROUP fully intends to remain close to every one of its clients. Members of the group work together in order to create the most propitious conditions for the success of our clients.

The key component is our faithful dedication.


Our Principles:


. Excellent Service

. Full availability

. Adaptability

Our commitments:

. Environmental protection

. Social responsibility

. Membership in the UN Global Compact



Established in 1994, the AXIUM company was founded by Pierre Sevestre. In 2002, AXIUM became AXE Méca within the AXE Group. Now directed by Marc Sevestre, in 2008, AXE Méca gave rise to CAP Group. In 2009, CAP Méca, CAP Profilé and CAP Group Romania combined their resources to form CAP Group and establish our key working environment

Our know-how


Mechanical production of every type… Starting with the definition of your project, our departments will make every effort to provide you with the best possible solution.

Every day, CAP companies seek out the most suitable solution at the lowest cost. From design to production, your industrial products take shape under our care.


Milling, turning






Profiled Machining.

Extra-long Machining.










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